Microsoft Office Word

Q) What is Microsoft office ?

             Ans:-It is an application software that is used to create any
letters, charts, applications, salary sheet, presentation, slides, tables etc.

यह एक एप्लीकेशन सॉफ्टवेयर है जो एक पत्र लिखने, सैलरी शीट, मार्कशीट, प्रदर्शनी, इत्यादि बनाने में
उपयोग आता है

Ø Version of ms office :-

1.   Ms office – 1995

2.   Ms office – 1997

3.   Ms office – 2000

4.   Ms office – 2003

5.   Ms office –2007

6.   Ms office –2010

7.   Ms office –2013

8.   Ms office –2016

9.   Ms office –2019

Ø Parts of ms office :-

1.   Ms office Word

2.   MsofficeExcel

3.   Ms office Powerpoint

4.   Ms office Access

5.   Ms office on 4 note

6.   Ms office info path

7.   Ms office publisher

8.   Ms office groove

MS Word :-It is an application software that is part of ms office and it is used to create any letter, application, office files etc.

v The file extension of ms word file is .docx.

        इस एप्लीकेशन में हम ऑफिस से सम्बंधित फाइल तैयार कर सकते है|

Ø Features of Ms Office Word:-

Wide ranging formatting features.

Documents templates.

Facility to insert various types of graphic.

Web page Designing.

Online Help.

Ø How to open Ms Office Word :-

A. Click on Start –All Programs –Microsoft Office –Microsoft Office Word.

B. Window( ÿ) + R(winword) + Enter(Ã ) = Microsoft Word

vTitle Bar :-It is the top line that display name of the file and program name.

vQuick Access Toolbar :-We can prepare some options that is used again and again on the top as per need.

vOffice Button :-It is the main button of ms office 2007. It is also called logo of ms office 2007. It is situated on left side top corner. It includes New, Open, Save, Save as, print etc functions.

यह ms word 2007 का मुख्य बटन है , इसे माइक्रोसॉफ्ट ऑफिस 2007 का प्रतीक भी कहा जाता है| यह बाए तरफ से सबसे ऊपर कोने पर होता है| इसके अंतर्गत new, open , save, save as, print इत्यादि functions आते है|

Q.Who invented the MS Office ?

Ans:-Bill Gates.

v New :-This option is used to open a  new and blank page.

v Open :-This option is used to open an existing word file.

v Save :-This option is used to save any changes in the current file.

v Save as :-This option is used to save any file with its file name and location.

Ø Print :-

1)  Print :-This option is used to send the print command to the selected printer with no. of copies and no. of page or page range.

2)  Quick Print :-This option is used to send the print command directly to the default printer without making any changes.

3)  Print Preview :-This option is used to take a look the page before
printing to check and modify the setting.

Ø Prepare :-

1)  Properties :-This option is used to check the file details. We can
know file creating date and time, total pages, total words etc.

इस विकल्प से हम अपने फाइल की पूरी जानकारी ले सकते है जैसे की फाइल का नाम क्या है वह कहा सुरक्षित है उसमे कितने पेज है उसमे कितने शब्द है इत्यादी |

2)  Encrypt Document :-This option is used to lock the file with the help of password.

इससे हम अपने फाइल को लॉक कर के उसे सुरक्षित कर सकते है|

v Send:- This option is used to send the current document in email through internet.

v Publisher:-This option is used to publish the current document on internet.

इस विकल्प से हम अपने वर्तमान फाइल को इन्टरनेट के जरिये प्रकाशित कर सकते है|

v Close:-This option is used to close the current file.

v Tab:-It is the menubar of the window. It is situated under the Title bar. There are total seven tabs in ms word. These are Home, Insert, Page Layout, Refences, mailings, Review and View. Some tabs are attached tab that is attached with some options. These are Design, Format and layout.

v Ribbon:-Ribbon is the panel line of the tab. It shows all the function for every tab.

v Group:-It is under Ribbon according to uses.


Ø Clipboard Group:-

v Cut:-This option is used to remove the selected text from their place.

v Copy:-This option is used to make duplicate copy of the selected text or object.

v Paste:-This option is used to paste the cut or copied text or object at the place of cursor.

v Paste special :-This option is used to paste the cut or copied text or
object in available formats(html, picture, formatted, unformatted etc).

Ø हम टेक्स्ट की तरह किसी तस्वीर, क्लिप आर्ट और शेप को भी सेल्क्ट करके कट , कॉपी एवं पेस्ट कर सकते है |

v Paste as Hyperlink :-This option is used to paste as a linked document.

v Format Painter :-This is a brush that copy the format of the selected
text and apply it on other text.

इससे हम किसी भी टेक्स्ट के केवल फॉर्मेट को कॉपी करके उसे दुसरे टेक्स्ट पर लागू कर सकते है|

v Clipboard:-This option is used to make a list of the cut or copied text or object. We can paste it anywhere by click on it.

Ø Font Group :-

v Font:-This option is used to change the style of the seleted text according to available fonts.

v Font size :-we can increase or decrease the selected text by this.

v Grow font :-We can increase the selected font size by mouse click on it.

v Shrink font :-We can decrease the selected font size by mouse click on it.

v Bold:-To make bold of the selected text.

v Italic:-To make curve of the selected text.

v Underline:-To underline the selected text in different formats.

v Strikethrough:-Draw a line through the middle of the selected text.

v Subscript:-This option is used to write the text below the normal line.

Ex:- H2O

v Superscript:-This option is used to write the text above the normal line.

Ex:- X2

Ø Change case :-

vSentence case :-This option is used to make first letter capital of the selected text.

vLower case :-This option is used to make all the text small of selected text.

vUppercase :-This option is used to make all the text capital of selected text.

vCapitalize each word :This option is used to make first letter capital of each selected word.

vToggle case :-This option is used to make first letter small and rest capital of selected text.

vText highlight color :-This option is used to background color of the selected text to make it highlight.

vFont color :-To change the selected font color from available colors.

vClear formatting :This option is used to clear all the formatting from the selected text.

Ø Paragraph Group:-

v Left align :-This option is used to write the text from the left side of the page.

v Center align :-This option is used to write the text from the middle  of the page.

v Right align :-This option is used to write the text from the right side of the page.

v Justify :-This option is used to make equal lines in the end of the lines or paragraph.

v Line spacing :-This option is used to give or remove the line spacing between two or more selected lines.

v Bullets :-It is used to prepare a list by the help of bullets. Bullets can be in so many types.

किसी प्रकार की सूचि या किसी को एक नयी लाइन से शुरू करने के लिए जो संकेत लगाये जाते है, बुलेट कहलाते है|

v Numbering:-Numbering is used to define a list with the help of numbers. Number can be in different types.

सूचि तैयार करने के लिए संख्या का प्रयोग करना नंबरिंग कहलाता है|

Ex:-ABCD, abcd, 1234, I II III IV ……etc.

v Multilevel list :-This option is used to make a list under list.

इससे हम सूचि के अन्दर सूचि बना सकते है|

v Decrease Indent :-This option is used to move the paragraph from right to left side on the page.

v Increase Indent :-This option is used to move the paragraph from left to right on the page.

v Sort :-This option is used to alphabetize the selected text or sort the numerical data.

v Show/Hide :-This option is used to show or hide the paragraph signs(Paragraph or line ending).

v Shading :-This option is used to color the background behind the selected text or paragraph.

v Border :-We can set the border in from different styles in the paragraph. Border can be in different colours and all sides(Up, Down, Left, Right, All Borders …..etc).

Ø Styles :-This option is used to convert the paragraph style quickly from available styles.

Ø Editing Group :-

1.   Find:-This command is used search any word or number quickly from the whole document.

2.   Go To :-This option is used to go quickly in any page, line, section etc.

3.   Replace :-This option is used to change any new word at the place of old word.

4.   Select All:-This option is used to select all the text and objects at a time of the file.


Ø Pages group:-

v Cover page :-It is the front or first page of our documets. It is used to set the design or add the title, address, date and time, or any picture on the front page. Cover page gives a professional looks to our documents. There are predefined lots of cover pages we can use it to make our file attractive.

v Blank page :-This option is used to insert a blank page between two lines or two paragraphs from the position of cursor.

इस विकल्प से हम दो पंक्तियों या पैराग्राफ के बिच एक कर्जर की स्थिति से एक खाली पेज ला सकते है|

v Break page :-This option is used to break the page from the position of cursor. The matter will shift on next page automatically.

कर्जर की स्थिति से हम पेज को अलग कर सकते है जिससे की कर्जर के बाद वाला मुद्दा अगले पेज पर स्वतः चला जाता है|

Ø Tables group :-

ü Row :-The lines run from left to right is called row.

ü Column :-The lines run from top to bottom is called column.

ü Cell :-When a column and row meet with each other then a box type area will be created is called Cell.

v Insert table by mouse :-We can create any table with selecting row and column by mouse moving.

v Insert table by Keyboard :-We can create any table with putting no. of columns and no. of rows.

v Draw table :-draw the borders of a table.

v Convert text to table :-This option is used to convert the selected text into the table format by comma, tab etc.

v Excel spreadsheet :-This option is used to make a spreadsheet in excel and use it into the ms word.

v Quick Tables :-This option is used to insert the prebuilt tables like calendar, tabular list etc. We can also make changes in the tables and make a new one.

v Note :-Design and Layout tab is used to make changes in table.

Ø Illustration group :-

v Picture :-This option is used to insert any picture from computer on word page. When we insert any picture then a new tab Format will be open that is used to make changes in the picture.

v Format tab :-

A. Shape Style :-It provides predefine style that apply on active object.

B.  Shape fill :-This is used to define color , picture, gradient, texture etc that apply inside of active object.

C. Shape outline :-This is used define outline style, color, dashes etc of active object.

D. Change shape :-This is used to change shape of active object.

E.  Shadow effects :-It provides predefine shadow effect that apply on active object.

F.   3-D effect :-It provides predefine 3-D effect that apply on active object, word art.

G. Position :-This is used to define position of active object that appear on page.

H. Bring to Front:-This is used to bring the active object in front of other object.

I.     Send to back :-This is used to send the active object in behind of active object.

J.    Rotate :-This is used to rotate the active object inrequired direction or angle.

K. Text Wrapping :-This is used to define text wrapping of selected data such as square, behind of text, in front of text etc.

L.  Group :-This is used to group the two or more selected object into.

M. Brightness:-This is used to change brightness of selected picture.

N. Contrast :-This is used to change the contrast of selected picture.

O. Recolor :-This is used to change predefine color of active picture.

P.  Change picture :-This is used to change active picture into other picture.

Q. Reset picture :-This is used to reset into actual size of active picture.

R. Picture Shape :-This is used to change active picture into predefined shape.

S.  Picture border :-This is used to define border style, width, color of active object.

T.  Picture effects :-This is used to define picture effect of active picture.

U.  Crop :-This is used to crop any part of the active picture.

v Clip Art :-It is pre-created collection office gallery with different categories. Here we search required picture and insert it. If we want to see the all pictures of clip art then directly press on go.

v Shapes :-This option is used to insert basic shapes,lines, arrows, flow charts, callouts, stars & banners etc. It allows us also to draw shape.

v SmartArt :-This option is used to insert the graphicalimages to represent tree levels.

Ex:List, Process, cycle etc.

Smartart का प्रयोग दो या दो से अधिक डाटाओ, चित्रों, आकृतियों इत्यादि के बीच संपर्क बनाने के लिए किया जाता है|

v Chart:-Chart is graphical representation of any task. It provides us to insert chart on document with several types such as Column, Line, Pie, Scatter etc.

Chart का प्रयोग दो या दो से अधिक डाटाओ के बीच तुलना करने के लिए प्रयोग किया जाता है|

Ø Links group:-

v Hyperlink:-This option establishes link between select text of document with another file. We can open or navigate page or document by clicking on the hypertext by holding ctrl key.

v Bookmark:-It isused to identify a location of selection text for further revision.

v Cross-references:- This option is used to set the reference and link to a group of objects with proper caption. Caption can be inserted by right click. We can involve it by holding ctrl button.

Ø Header & Footer Group :-

v Header :-It is the top margin area. It is used to write the headings of the document. If we write on any page in header area it will be repeated on all pages of the document.There are predefined some header areas we can use it and make our file so attractive.

हेडर पेज काउपरी मार्जिन हिस्सा होता है जिसमे हम अपने डॉक्यूमेंट का नाम लिख सकते है| हम हेडर भाग में जो कुछ भी लिखेंगे वह सब पेज पर दिखाई देगा|

v Footer :-It is the bottom margin area of the page. It is used to write page no.,date and time etc. There are some footer formats also. It is also repeated on every pages of the document.

यह पेज का निचलामार्जिन हिस्सा होता है जिसमे हम पेज न०., समय एवं दिनांक इत्यादि लिख सकते है| यह भी हेडर की तरह सभी पेज पर पुर्नावृति होती है|

v Page Number :-This option is used to place page number on entire document with desire position. It allows us also to change the position of page number and format.

इससे हम विभिन्न प्रकार के फॉर्मेट में पेज न०. विभिन्न स्थानों में लगा सकते है|

Ø Text Group :-

v Text Box :-It is used to insert preformatted text box on cursor position. It allows changing the direction of text or graphics. We can also change effect and draw text box according to own choice. We can also move this box anywhere on the page.

v Quick Parts :-It provides to insert the fields or properties of document for decryption.

v Word Art :-By it we can insert word art object on cursor position. Actually word art is collection of special designed text to write the text in artistic methods.

v Drop Cap:– It is used to capitalize the initial letter of a paragraph. We can also set number of line to be dropped and spacing.

v  Signature line :-It provides the signature line with name, title and email address.

v Date &Time :-It is used to insert the current date and time on cursor position. It provides several formats of date and time, auto update facility and several languages.

v Object :-This option is used to insert different types of new created objects or existed.

Ø Symbols group :-

v Equation :-It is used to insert the different types of mathematical equation such as Fraction, Script, Radical, Large Operator , Integral, Brcakets, Function …..etc.

v Symbol :-By it we can insert pre defined symbol from list. We can also create shortcuts of specific symbol to insert quickly. Webdings and windings are some symbolic fonts.


F      Themes group :-This option is used to apply themes to the currently opened document. It supports to change the colour, font and effects.

F     Page Layout Tab:-

vMargins :-This option allows us to set or change the left, right, top and bottom margins of the page. It contains also pre-defined margin set which can be applied on the document.

vOrientation :-Through this option we can change the orientation of the
page either Portrait or Landscape.

vSize :-By it we can set or change the paper size. It contains alos pre-defined paper size(A4, A5, Legal,Letter etc.).

vColumns :-By it we can divide the document in number of columns. This option is used to divide the selected text line or paragraph in several columns with line also.

vBreaks :-It is helpful to insert break page, columns, Text wrapping, Section break, Such as next page, Even page, Odd page, Continuos etc.

vLine Numbers :-It allows us setting line number to the selected paragraph. We can continue line numbering, Restart in the page etc.

vHyphenation :-This option is used to hyphenate a document either automatic or manual. It requires when the words are not accommodate at the end of line properly.

F     Page Background :-

vWatermark:-This option is used to place watermark in the background
of Document. We can set Text watermark or Picture watermark.

vPage Color :-It allows filling background with different colours, Gradients, Texture, Patterns and Pictures. It supports to use preset colours and shading style. To remove it select No Color.

vPage Borders :-It allows to set the border in the selected paragraph and
the entire page. It provides the artistic border also. We can change the set color, line width and shading.

Ø Paragraph Group :-

v Left and Right Indent :-This option is used to move the paragraph in left or right according to need.

v Before and After Spacing :-This option is used to give or remove the space before and after the cursor postion.

          References Tab

vTable of Contents :-This option is used to create table of contents with selecting heading style. It provides different formats of contents, levels and tab leaders.

ØHow to make Table of contents :-

1.   Prepare the title with chapter heading.

2.   All chapters title should be in heading format.

3.   Click on References tab.

4.   Click on Table of Contents.

5.   On the first page the contents table inserted.

We can click on the required topic to go to that location by holding ctrl key.

v Footnotes :-It is used to insert footnotes at the bottom of page and endnote at the end of document. It maintains numbering automatically. We can move them next or previous.

Mailings Tab

vEnvelopes:-It allows us to create an envelope to print address of
letters in different size. We have to put delivery address and return address.

vLabels :-It allows us creating lables of address, product,
stickers for brand. It supports to create upto 30 lables in a page.

v Start Mail Merge :- It allows us to create or draft letter for number of people at a time. We can also make id card for lots of students in a few time. We can also make any forms.

v Steps :-

1.   Press ctrl+N to create new blank document and write your message.

2.   In the mailings tab go to start mail merge and click on step by step mail merge wizard.

3.  In the appeared task pane select letters and click on starting documents.

4.   Now click on Select recipient’s option.

5.   Type a new list to create recipients and save it with a name.

6.    Click on write your letter.

7.   Click on Preview your letters.

8.   Click on finish mail merge.

9.   And click complete the merge without pausing in auto check errors.

                              Review tab

Ø Proofing –

v Spelling &Grammar :-It allows us to check the spelling and grammar of currently open documents. It displays suggestions of incorrect words. We can change, ignore even add them in the dictionary. It displays the explanation of grammatical rules.

v Research :– This option is used to translate, synonyms, antonyms, meaning of word in different forms like as noun, adjective, adverb etc. It displays a task pane to put a word to research.

v Thesaurus :-It displays synonyms and antonyms of given or selected word.

vTranslate :-This option is used to translate the selected word or
sentence in other language with the help of internet connection.

vTranslation Screentip:-Itdisplays the meaning of selected word according to available language in a computer.

vSet Language :-In the ms word default language is English US. But it supports to set or change the language of the word. It will change the format of date and time, spelling and grammar and regional settings.

vWord Count :-This option counts and show number of character, word, spce, line and page etc in a dialog box.

ØComments group:-

vNew Comment :-It provides the spaces to put comments for the selected topics. We can also go to next or previous comments and also delete it.

ØTracking :-

vTrack Changes :-It shows any changing or modification on a document. We
can easily detect the formatting which has done after saving it. It supports to
remove changes using accept and reject option.

vCompare :-It allows  to comparing and merging contents of two documents. We must have at least two documents to compare or combine.

vCombine:-It is similar as compare option but it combines the contents of two documents.

Protect Document :-It is a protection option of document. It allows limiting the formatting allows selected formatting or no formatting and protects it with a password.

View Tab

ØDocument view :-

vPrint Layout :-It is default view of MS Word in which we work easily.

vFull Screen Reading :-It is for reading a document. It displays the contents of document in the full screen without any other elements
of screen.

vWeb Layout :-It displays the contents of documents without rich
formatting. It is helpful to show it as web page.

vOutline :-It is used to show and change the text of a document at
different levels of headings.

vDraft :-It is used to show the document as a draft.

ØShow / Hide group :-

vRuler :-To show or hide the ruler.

vGridlines :-To show or hide gridlines.

vMessage Bar :-To show or hide message bar.

vDocument Map :-It allows showing all the headings of a document to navigate it directly.

vThumbnails :-It displays all the pages as thumbnail  as a list. We have to click on the particular thumbnail to go directly.

vZoom :-It allows changing the view of the document. Minimum zoom is 10% and maximum is 500%.

vSplit Window :-It supports to split the document window horizontally. It is helpful to compare the text and show the contents of two different locations of a document. It can be applied once only because of option will be changed to remove split.

vMacro :–  It is a recorder to record all the activities at the time of creation of document. It can be run again and again to repeat the same job. It is helpful to create formats.

        All Shortcuts of MS Word

1.            Ctrl+A – Select All

2.             Ctrl+B – Bold

3.              Ctrl+C – Copy

4.               Ctrl+D –  Open Font dialog box

5.               Ctrl+E – Center Align

6.               Ctrl+F – Find

7.               Ctrl+G – Go To

8.                Ctrl+H – Replace

9.                  Ctrl+I – Italic

10.              Ctrl+J – Justify

11.              Ctrl+K – Insert Hyperlink

12.              Ctrl+L – Left Align

13.              Ctrl+M – First line indent

14.              Ctrl+N – New

15.              Ctrl+O – Open

16.              Ctrl+P – Print

17.              Ctrl+Q – Remove Indent

18.              Ctrl+R – Right Align

19.              Ctrl+S – Save

20.              Ctrl+T – Hanging Indent

21.              Ctrl+U – Underline

22.              Ctrl+V – Paste

23.              Ctrl+W –  Close the currently window

24.              Ctrl+X – Cut

25.              Ctrl+Y – Redo

26.              Ctrl+Z – Undo

27.              Ctrl+] – Increase Font Size

28.              Ctrl+[  – Decrease Font Size

29.              Ctrl+= – Subscript

30.              Ctrl++ – Superscript

31.              Shift+F3 – Change case

32.              Ctrl + Enter – insert a new page

33.              Ctrl + Backspace – delete a page

34.              F1 – Help

35.              F12 – Save As

36.              Mouse double click – select a word.

37.              Mouse triple click – select text line.

38.              Ctrl + Mouse scroll wheel – Zoom in or out the page.

39.              Ctrl+Shift+Home – To select up text and object of the cursor.

40.              Ctrl+Shift+End–To select down text and object of the cursor.

41.              Ctrl + Home :- Move the cursor to the beginning of the document.

42.              Ctrl+End:- Moves the cursor to the end of the document.

43.              Ctrl+Del:- Delete words to right of cursor.

44.              Ctrl+Backspace:- Delete ords to left of cursor.

45.              By pressing Alt key we can show all the code of the option and use it perform the shortcuts as required.

46.              To write quickly some contents in the page :- =rand(5,6)Enter.

47.              Ctrl की मदद से हम कई सारे फोटो को सेलेक्ट कर सकते है|

48.              Shift की मदद से हम किसी रेंज में फोटो को सेलेक्ट कर सकते है, शिफ्ट और एरो कीज की मदद से हम टेक्स्ट को कीबोर्ड से सेलेक्ट भी कर सकते है|

49.              Alt की मदद से हम बीचो बिच टेक्स्ट को सेलेक्ट कर सकते है|

50.              Ctrl+F2 – Display the Print Preview.

51.              To make any table by keyboard,use numeric + and – sign where + means no. of columns and – means column width. Use tab key to insert below table.

52.  Shortcut



Toggles 6pts of spacing before a paragraph.


Select all contents of the page.


Bold highlighted selection.


Copy selected text.


Open the font preferences window.


Aligns the line or selected text to the center of the screen.


Open find box.


Italic highlighted selection.


Aligns the selected text or line to justify the screen.


Insert a hyperlink.


Aligns the line or selected text to the left of the screen.


Indent the paragraph.


Opens new, blank document window.


Opens the dialog box or page for selecting a file to open.


Open the print window.


Aligns the line or selected text to the right of the screen.


Save the open document. Just like Shift+F12.


Create a hanging indent.


Underline the selected text.




Close the currently open document.


Cut selected text.


Redo the last action performed.


Undo last action.


Quickly create a bullet point.


Change the font.


Increase selected font +1pts up to 12pt and then increase font +2pts.


Increase selected font +1pts.


Decrease selected font -1pts if 12pt or lower; if above 12, decreases font by +2pt.


Decrease selected font -1pts.

Ctrl+<left arrow>

Moves one word to the left.

Ctrl+<right arrow>

Moves one word to the right.

Ctrl+<up arrow>

Moves to the beginning of the line or paragraph.

Ctrl+<down arrow>

Moves to the end of the paragraph.


Deletes word to right of cursor.


Deletes word to left of cursor.


Moves the cursor to the end of the document.


Moves the cursor to the beginning of the document.


Reset highlighted text to the default font.


Single-space lines.


Double-space lines.


1.5-line spacing.


Changes text to heading 1.


Changes text to heading 2.


Changes text to heading 3.


Open new document.


Open the Task Pane.


Display the print preview.


Increases the selected text size by one font size.


Decreases the selected text size by one font size.


Switches to another open Microsoft Word document.


Prints the document.


Open Help.


Repeat the last action performed (Word 2000+)


Open the Find, Replace, and Go To window in Microsoft Word.


Spellcheck and grammar check selected text or document.


Save As.


Uppercase to lowercase or a capital letter at the beginning of every word.


Save the open document. Just like Ctrl+S.


Create a soft break instead of a new paragraph.




Insert the current date.


Insert the current time.

Mouse shortcuts


Click, hold, and drag

Selects text from where you click and hold to the point you drag and let go.



If double-clicking a word, selects the complete word.


Double-clicking on the left, center, or right of a blank line makes the alignment of the text left, center,

 or right aligned.


Double-clicking anywhere after text on a line will set a tab stop.


Selects the line or paragraph of the text that the mouse triple-clicked on.

Ctrl+Mouse wheel

Zooms in and out of document.

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